Who hasn’t heard the term annoy(ance). Who doesn’t relate to the mosquito that darts around your head, the tear in the silk stocking that ruined that special night out, the dog that won’t quit barking.  All pretty annoying for sure. But clinically, annoyance is a health effect,  an adverse health risk much more serious than it sounds and can cause some very problematic health issues. It appears to be why Health Canada and the wind industry and their hired experts decided to focus on that term when communicating about health impacts. They do admit mostly (not always), that wind turbines cause annoyance. But when you cannot sleep nights in a row, when infrasound is penetrating your house and your furniture and your body and when your family, your pets and your animals are all being affected it can result in a pretty distressing situation; an environment that many living in wind turbine projects have had to flee. So you can see how broad the matter really is when the term annoyance is used. Don’t be fooled by what you read. Sometimes you have to be an expert to ‘get it’.

PS. For years industry and government have claimed wind turbines sound no louder than a refrigerator. Well,  now you know. Try to imagine this noise in surroundsound as you try to sleep, and don’t forget the addition of infrasound and low frequency vibration…….