Can much more be said? Finally, after years of fighting for resolution, a breakthrough.

While the Canadian government continues on their hellbent (and hell it is) implementation of wind energy, other jursidictions are admitting to the folly and harm that wind projects have imposed on innocent families. Sadly, in many cases the damage to families, their homes and animals can never be restored or repaired. It has taken way too long.

From Ireland

“PRESS RELEASE 3rd January 2017
High Court order for families forced from homes due to noisy
wind turbines.

The High Court has issued its order regarding the seven
families from Cork who were impacted by noise pollution from a
nearby wind farm. A number of the families had to abandon their
homes because of the severity of the noise and some lived up to
a full 1km from the wind farm….”

see press release here: press-release-4th-january-2017-high-court-order-for-families-forced-from-homes-due-to-noisy-wind-turbines_

see a copy of the order here : order_dec_2016-1

wind over home