While government leaders claim to care deeply about children, about their opportunites and the mental and physical wellness of residents, there is a huge void when it comes to communicating with impacted families in wind projects. It seems to be a no-go zone for almost everyone who could be reporting and assisting. One has to wonder why the glaring disconnect exists.

Every year Bell launches their excellent and impactful Let’s Talk campaign to bring attention to mental health wellness.The following letter was sent during the 2014 campaign and sadly did not elicit any useful response.

One ponders why this particular segment of the population is being ignored and their loss of health and homes trivialized, as if by their own fault that 500 foot operating towers in these huge industrial energy plants are being built beside their homes. Emitting loud cyclical noise and penetrating infrasound 24/7 they continue to wreak havoc on peoples sleep and overall health as more and more project approvals are granted.

We try to retain faith and hope that the many experts that have been informed over the last decade are realising the serious nature of the situation and that help will come.


Date: Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 7:54 PM
Subject: Let‘s talk rural info
To: bellmediacommunications@bellmedia.ca, info@mooddisorderscanada.ca, info@unitedway.ca, info@camh.ca, info@ontario.cmha.ca,fondation.chuq@chuq.qc.ca, fondation@petitstresors.ca, hr-reception@concordia.ca, foundation@theroyal.ca, presidents.office@ubc.ca

To all Recipients

Please forward this message to your Let’s Talk campaign co-ordinator.

I am writing to you knowing you are supporters of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign. I know what wonderful work this campaign has done to end the stigma of mental illness. Everyone has a better understanding because of the courageous people who have come forward as spokespeople and those who are all working so hard behind the scenes and with educating the public.

With this letter, I want to bring to your attention what is happening in many rural areas in Canada.

Wind turbine facilities are being erected way too close to homes and are literally driving some families to abandon their homes because of the emissions of low frequency noise, loud cyclical audible noise and dirty electricity. People are suffering from sleep disturbance and deprivation, headaches, heart palpitations, pressure in the head, earaches and more.

I can speak from experience……… and, in serious distress, we had no choice but to leave the home we loved.

The mental and physical stress being imposed on rural residents in turbine projects is enormous. We have been called NIMBY’s by our Ontario Premier, ridiculed by environmentalists, politicians and bureaucrats and dismissed as backwards for not progressing the way some feel is “the way of the future”.

But I have sat at the kitchen table too many times and met in community meeting rooms while impacted families weep at the harm they are experiencing and the injustice and lack of acknowledgment or help from every level of government. I have asked our health ministry numerous times to please, just meet with some of these people and they would understand but I have been refused.

To watch one segment of the population be completely left out of the concern and care for mental and physical wellness for the sake of flawed government policy is incredibly heartbreaking.

I don’t even know what to do anymore. We have tried everything, met with every politician/bureaucrat/minister and no one will help. The silence is deafening.

The majority of the population doesn’t know about the situation. Some have been learning but the masses don’t know.

Can you please bring this tragedy to the attention of your colleagues and co-workers.

Please give rural residents some hope that people care because right now we are feeling very alone. None of us wanted to belong to this club.

Please visit www.windvictimsontario.com Look at the victim’s voices and the comments on the WindVoice survey.

The website may not be sophisticated but it is the only way we can get out information out.

There is a new peer reviewed article recently published in the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine.


There are tons of engineering reports documenting the emissions. It is not just a bunch of unhappy wind activists complaining.

Please understand that most of these families welcomed wind turbines along with the rest of the world, but they were not expecting them to make them sick and render their homes uninhabitable. I know people who are renting another place to live because they cannot live in their own home. It sits empty while they wait for someone to help. Some have signed contracts that won’t allow them to speak to neighbours and other family and so they suffer in silence.

This is a tragic situation and most shocking that it can happen in the greatest country in the world.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



PS You might ask what has this to do with your Lets Talk campaign.

How can our government impose such despair and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness upon residents and yet on the other hand vocalize about caring about Canadians health and wellness? It is very hurtful to those who are being impacted. People of all ages, children to senior citizens are being harmed.