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OPPRESSION-noun-1.the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.


January 2017

20+ Grey-Bruce families tried to get help

A number of years ago volunteer health facilitators in Grey-Bruce formed a support group (H.A.R.M.) for impacted families in wind turbine installations in their area. The massive amount of documentation from all areas of this province that has been delivered to the provincial and federal government is ignored, routinely deflected from one agency to another. The feds blame provincial leaders and the province blame the feds. It’s OK, we know the score. These families have braved immeasurable harm and disrespect that continues a decade later.  It’s a hard road for the impacted, or as one Ministry employee calls them, “unlucky receptors”.


“…Resident’s names have been changed for this summary, as these residents did not wish to come forward. Permission has been sought in order to share their health impact experience It is important to note that sharing personal health information about the effects of wind turbines upon oneself and one’s family is not easy for anyone to do publically, particularly when your government, the wind company and the media, maybe along with your doctor and your neighbours, are telling you there is no scientific evidence for what you are experiencing— that it can’t be true that wind turbines hurt people.”

“Both Donna and her husband have noted since the turbines started that there are electrical problems in their home (electrical pollution due to the transmission lines and substations required for the project).  Three times they have touched metal door knobs and been thrown backward and landed on the floor due to an electrical charge. They have witnessed bolts of electricity when turning on light switches. This never happened before.”

“Kim and Mark report that the noise level in their two-story home is very high and that sleeping is a problem. They also report that their home “vibrates”.  Kim has developed headaches, dizziness and light-headedness, and is going for her second MRI related to these symptoms. Their quiet country property, complete with night-time sounds of crickets, distant coyotes, and the chirping of many birds is now completely changed by indoor and outdoor noise, sleep deprivation, flicker, and disturbing health symptoms which did not exist before.” 

“Mike, a single individual who owns a small property in the Enbridge Project reports that an audible noise, “thump, thump, thump” can be heard at night when he is trying to sleep. He is able to get only 5 hours of sleep per night due to noise disturbance.  Over the course of the turbines coming into operation he has also developed headaches and tinnitus, stomach upset, decreased ability to tolerate chronic back pain, and a general state of unrest. He cannot have his windows open in summer months due to noise. Mike is retired and gets away from the turbines to other parts of the province to practice his photography. He has noted that his symptoms improve or disappear when he leaves his home for several days.”

“She has tried heavy curtains, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, sleeping with fans to create white noise, and has undergone medical testing, with no results. Christine has lost touch with the healthy person she used to be. When she travels abroad or leaves her home to visit family, her condition improves dramatically. After one hour at work, she reports her headaches go away.”


Court order for families forced from their homes due to noise from wind turbines

Can much more be said? Finally, after years of fighting for resolution, a breakthrough.

While the Canadian government continues on their hellbent (and hell it is) implementation of wind energy, other jursidictions are admitting to the folly and harm that wind projects have imposed on innocent families. Sadly, in many cases the damage to families, their homes and animals can never be restored or repaired. It has taken way too long.

From Ireland

“PRESS RELEASE 3rd January 2017
High Court order for families forced from homes due to noisy
wind turbines.

The High Court has issued its order regarding the seven
families from Cork who were impacted by noise pollution from a
nearby wind farm. A number of the families had to abandon their
homes because of the severity of the noise and some lived up to
a full 1km from the wind farm….”

see press release here: press-release-4th-january-2017-high-court-order-for-families-forced-from-homes-due-to-noisy-wind-turbines_

see a copy of the order here : order_dec_2016-1

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