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OPPRESSION-noun-1.the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.


November 2015

Selective humanitarianism

More than 4 years have passed since the letter below was published. Four long years culminating in more sick and displaced families who should have been protected but were not. Instead PM Trudeau, Premier Wynne and Minister Glen Murray feel it is more pressing to fly to Paris with a bevy of artificial environmentalists rather than look after the ongoing domestic disaster happening right here in Ontario.  They have damned rural families collateral damage in the name of “climate change” and the damned pay the ultimate price by losing their health and their homes. The hypocrisy is hard to bear.

These “leaders” are not world heroes. They are a disgrace.


To the Expositor:

Mr. Martin, representing Northland Power, made some very disturbing and insensitive comments about families who are being affected by operating wind turbine projects.

His deflection to implying these people may have issues due to poor health, diet, genes or simply bad luck is beyond insulting.

I am offended that I have to reply to his simplistic remarks to set the record straight, but I will.

We are just one of many families in Ontario, and globally, who have been negatively affected. We happily supported our neighbour’s decision to participate in the towers. They came to us and asked for our input before they signed on. We thought it was a good thing. We were happy, healthy and thriving in our home as we remodelled to make it our retirement home. We had no pre-existing health conditions and took no medications.

What is happening to people is a direct effect from wind turbines being placed too close to their homes.

The loud cyclical noise, low frequency vibration, and in many cases, dirty electricity that became their new housemates is what is making them sick. When people leave their homes they get better and when they return, so do their symptoms. When your animals are affected and your children are affected, you can be sure they do not care about revenues from turbines on their neighbour’s farm. Not every household is affected but many are and what we know is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mr. Martin’s comments dovetail with Dalton McGuinty’s aspirations to be a world leader in green technology. Premier McGuinty’s unbridled enthusiasm is clouding his judgment as he ignores the citizens, the evidence from health professionals in Ontario and globally who have talked with the families and even his own Ministry of Environment field officers whose warnings to their superiors not only went unheeded, but were intentionally suppressed. This cannot be denied. It was exposed in the Freedom of Information (FOI) documents and is further reason Ontarians continue to press for the truth.

It is clear something horribly wrong is happening. I don’t know anyone who would simply walk away from their home let alone pay a second rent and utilities to sleep somewhere while paying a mortgage and utilities on their empty home. It is not logical, but it is happening. There are 11 known buyouts of affected families resulting in gag clauses and I guarantee there are many who still suffer in their homes with nowhere to go.

The notion that wind projects built after the Green Energy Act regulations were adopted will be safer is misleading and incorrect.

Reams of public input and reports by health professionals, engineers, acousticians, and the general public, including people from existing wind farms, clearly warned that 550 metres was not a safe setback. The government pushed ahead anyway in their need to hasten implementation. In their submissions to the Environmental Registry, CanWEA and some high profile developers pressed our officials to leave out the need to measure and monitor low frequency noise, known to be a significant negative aspect. The government complied with the wind industry wishes, throwing Ontarians under the bus.

Of 135 or so delegates to the standing committee hearings on the Green Energy Act, in a last minute phone call the committee refused to let me participate. Proponents galore including then Energy Minister George Smitherman lined up to support the industry and yet my family was denied the opportunity to tell them first-hand about the problems we were experiencing. This action is clearly one of bias and a desire to squelch any negatives associated with this policy.

This morally abhorrent behaviour from our government leaders, lobbyists and developers continues to be exposed by many hard working citizens across this province…


From the ‘not hard to imagine’ dept.

This interesting email from 2013 was regarding the distribution of a health impact survey by the U of Waterloo Research Chair (*funded by the Ontario government) into a turbine hot zone. To say the process was “flawed” is being kind.
“I checked with the ** post office today to see what process was.  They received the Surveys to be distributed as flyers.  I told them I did not get a copy in my mail, and I receive flyers they said a mistake must have been made, and that I should have got one.
A fellow that was in the store…said they were only distributing the surveys to people who wanted Wind Turbines.  Interesting comment from a person I did not know.
So from what I can understand everyone should have gotten a survey except people who have indicated to the post office that they do not want flyers.
How many people in this area want a survey but have “No Flyers” status, and thus would not get a Survey?
How many mistakes were made by the (post) office as is my case.
Where did all the surveys go?
I have talked to a lot of people that have not received this survey that are (suffering and known to writer).
Seems like a terribly flawed study from the get go.
I would be extremely interested to see from our email distribution list who did receive a survey and those that didn’t…”

A letter from a Bruce County resident

A letter I just fell upon. I do that a lot. So much stuff…

The letter is to Member of Parliament and Chair of the Standing Committee on Health, Ben Lobb. The writer is not affected by turbines themselves (well, save for anger and new found activism that is stealing years of our lives) but they know numerous victims who are impacted, some who have had to abandon their homes. An honest letter. The frustration is palpable.

There are literally thousands of people that for years have been trying to right this wrong. If we could copy every letter, email, consultation submission, legal submission and complaints to government about this topic it would take years to process and would fill the halls of the legislature. All floors.

Sent: Saturday, November 08, 2014 9:30 AM‘; ‘
Subject: Health Canada Wind Turbine Study – Shameful

Hi Ben,

The report released by Health Canada on the Wind Turbine issue is a disgrace. You know that people have had to leave their homes and others continue to suffer in their home because financially it is impossible for them to get out. The document released by Health Canada is just irresponsible. The study is absolute garbage, defined by Webster’s Dictionary  “Inaccurate or useless data”.

Stop protecting the wind industry and start helping the displaced and suffering citizens. I can’t believe this behavior of our elected officials allowing bureaucrats to approach such a serious issue with such cavalier attitudes. If this was a case of food poisoning would you not engage the people who are suffering from the illness? The selective manner in which information was gathered for this study predicted the failed findings.

The study was a failure from the beginning and the outcome a complete failure for the citizens of your riding and all ridings in this country. How can you stand by and let this manipulated study be released? Shame on this government for wasting two years and 2 million dollars on a purposely manipulated study.

Has the Standing Committee on Health ever discussed or been briefed on the travesty citizens are dealing with when turbines are placed too close to their homes? The turbines are being placed too close to homes and you have known that for years. Do something to protect the citizens. 

This is the biggest failure your government has delivered. You know citizens health has and continues to be compromised from wind turbines. Your party shows complete disregard for their hopelessness and helplessness and you continue to support the industry.

Shame on all of you.

I would like a response from you on this most serious, disrespectful and negligent behavior.


Re: Bentley “…people are abandoning their homes and living as refugees”

This is a personal email received from a “refugee” in response to the meeting with Minister Bentley (see previous post

I post these communications to help people to understand that contrary to government statements this is real and their inaction to deal with it continues today. The frustration, anger and hurt is ever-present.

to: EBML
date: Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 10:35 PM
subject: Bentley meeting

Thank you for taking time to meet with Minister of the Environment Chris Bentley. I think it’s important that Chris understand how his actions are perceived by citizens.

We should be able to trust that our governments are committed to protecting public health. Instead we see our resources being used to deny and cover up the facts, and to strategize against us to put us into situations of despair.

I’m in the segment of the population that considers ourselves to be victims of our governments’ negligent wind turbine regulations. I am also part of a growing group of people who believe that Chris Bentley, Dalton McGuinty and others should be arrested, fined and jailed for their continuous, reckless behaviours.

Chris Bentley knows or ought to know that wind turbines are causing residents “material discomfort” and other adverse health effects, to the degree that people are abandoning their homes and living as refugees. Even Chris Bentley is capable of understanding that everyone, young and old, needs restorative sleep. And to be tortured with sleep deprivation is very unhealthy and will quickly turn into an emergency. It’s incomprehensible why our government is abandoning citizens in these times when we need them the most. And that instead, all the protection goes to those who are profiting by operating wind turbines too close to people’s homes.

Perhaps the reason Chris Bentley shows no remorse is because he knows it would appear disingenuous for him to apologize for something that he’s always intended to do? As a victim, this feels like crime.

If Minister Bentley is not willing to recognize the mistakes of this government, then he should resign and turn himself in.

Shame on you, Chris Bentley.

Watch these…you’ll get it, I promise

These two short videos are of former Minister of Energy Chris Bentley and are on the topic of green energy. The first video is Bentley in a rare meeting with a group of impacted rural Ontarians in London,Ontario. The second video is Bentley speaking to the wind industry.

Bentley speaking with Rural Ontarians

Bentley speaking with developers

Keynote presentation by the Hon. Chris Bentley, Ontario Minister of Energy at the Green Connection and Community Power Award Ceremony on Monday, November 14, 2011.

The networking green event celebrated the presentation of 5 Community Power Awards at the Steam Whistle Brewery.

From the endless communication dept…..2012


Date: Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 6:31 AM

Subject: Rural roots To:

Dear Lou,

I understand you’re reaching out to rural Ontarians for dialogue and feedback of issues. I decided to consult my dictionary to help explain what the Ontario Liberal Party has personally brought to my region where I once enjoyed and gratefully appreciated a peaceful and productive way of life in rural Ontario.

op·pres·sion [uh-presh-uh n] noun 1. the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.

ne·glect [ni-glekt] 1. to pay no attention or too little attention to; disregard or slight: 2. to be remiss in the care or treatment of: 3. to omit, through indifference or carelessness: 4. to fail to carry out or perform (orders, duties, etc.): 5. to fail to take or use: to neglect no precaution.

dis·har·mo·ny [dis-hahr-muh-nee] noun, plural dis·har·mo·nies. 1. lack of harmony; discord. 2. something discordant.

mis·trust [mis-truhst] noun 1. lack of trust or confidence; distrust.

dam·age [dam-ij] noun 1. injury or harm that reduces value or usefulness

in·so·lence [in-suh-luh ns] noun 1. contemptuously rude or impertinent behavior or speech.

The Liberal party can take credit for this unprecedented discord although it doesn’t fully absolve some of the opposition members (NDP) who gleefully joined you in spirit.     Here is some old stuff that hit the Liberal party inbox quite a long time ago (and was left unattended to). While it might help your memory a little bit today, trust me it doesn’t even scratch the surface Lou. You can’t undo years of insensitive and mindless neglect….

Freedom of Information – it takes a lot of $$$ to find the truth

This internal document was penned by Ministry Provincial Officer Cameron Hall in April 2010. Sound levels today, continue to peak well over the Ministry set guideline of 40dBA which is acceptable to increase to 51 dBA if the wind speed picks up. There is no relief for those living amongst these towers. Years of measurements by both industry commissioned engineers and independent acousticians show audible noise levels are often way out of compliance. Regardless, the wind company executives are given a free pass. Like infrasound and dirty electricity, wind turbine noise heard inside the house is not regulated so Ministry Officers say they cannot address it, leaving families struggling with blatant and smothering discrimination as they suffer from lack of sleep. Calls to the Ministry and their Spills Action Line go unanswered for days. No wind turbine energy company, even with documentation of repeated noise level exceedences have ever been listed on the Ministry of Environment’s annual contamination reports where every other industry is outed (and often fined) for non compliance. Not one.

View document here. Hall Glassco 5pg

“Observations..(in Melancthon/Amaranth and in Clear Creek, Ontario)….indicate the sound contamination discharged into the natural environment from WTG’s (wind turbine generators) is directional. The directional nature of the sound contamination from WTG’s  is also reported in the scientific literature. EAAB (Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch, Ontario) was advised about our observations that the sound contamination was directional, but has not replied. It is not clear if the directional nature of the sound contamination discharged into the natural environment from WTG’s has been considered in the development of the setbacks…..As noted earlier, observations by several Provincial Officers indicate sound levels at the receptor in the range of 30 to 32 dBA would not cause or be likely to cause adverse effects in the opinion of the Provincial officers.”

Changing the truth

While it may seem insignificant to some, this is an example of how a small step can alter an interested party’s perception. Easy to to miss but important to know.

The following paragraph is an excerpt from a transcript of a public meeting in Dufferin County during the consultation process for the turbine project. Note the small but significant change of wording to the document that was published for the public. Apparently meeting was recorded and transcribed by the consulting firm working on behalf of the developer. A request was made to have it corrected.

Shelburne PIC, July 28, 2012 – Question & Answer Session

Dufferin Wind Power Inc. Second Public Information Centre for Melancthon Township

Location: Horning Mills Community Centre (wrong location)

Date: Thursday, July 28, 2012 Time: 6pm – 9pm.

Q & A from 7pm – 9pm

Published version:

“ MEMBER OF PUBLIC Yes they’re also experiencing vibration and this wasn’t there before the turbines started up. That’s a whole different thing – low frequency noise coming off of the turbines. Now when the Green Energy Act was coming into effect and the regulations were being discussed and decided upon, a lot of the wind proponents and CANWEA asked the government to lead on monitoring and measuring for low frequency noise under the regulations. Everybody knows, it’s been proven, that low frequency noise is coming off of these things causing vibration in some homes. Not everyone was affected, we all know that and yet there’s no monitoring. There are no mitigation measures for people because it’s a black hole, nobody’s looking after it. And now you’re going to put more turbines up and create the same effect for people.


Actual comment:

“ MEMBER OF PUBLIC “Yes they’re also experiencing vibration in the house and this wasn’t there before the turbines started up. That’s a whole different thing – low frequency noise coming off of the turbines. Now when the Green Energy Act came into effect and the regulations were being discussed and decided upon, a lot of the wind proponents and CANWEA asked the government to leave out monitoring and measuring for low frequency noise under the regulations. Everybody knows, it’s been proven, that low frequency noise is coming off of these things causing vibration in some homes. Not every home is affected, we all know that and yet there’s no monitoring. There’s no mitigation measures for people because it’s a black hole, nobody’s looking after it. And now you’re going to put more turbines up and create the same effect for people.”

(It matters because the issue of infrasound is still being evaded by officials and industry but it  continues to cause great harm)

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