It is difficult to explain how debilitating low-frequency noise, cyclical noise and infrasound are to anyone who has not experienced it.  One needs to understand how impaired ones health can become from sleep deprivation alone. A cascade of adverse health effects ensues, in conditions often described as torturous by those living with it.

Imagine you work all day and go to bed. Once under the covers a 600 watt light goes on over your head and stays on all night. You cannot shut it off. You have great difficulty getting to sleep. You toss and turn, you shut your eyes tight, try a night mask but nothing will block the light or the energy coming off that thing. After hours of fretting you finally drop into a light sleep by sheer exhaustion but it doesn’t last long. You are awake again, pulling the covers over your head, burying deep into the blankets but you can still see and feel the oppressive light. Morning arrives. It’s time to get up and go to work. You are totally exhausted and are worried about your driving skills but you head out. With a challenging work day done, you return home, eat your meal and fall into bed early from exhaustion, praying for sleep. You’re just starting to drift off and that goddamn light comes on again. You’re instantly angry and the frustration increases. You cannot believe you are being subjected to this light again. You can’t believe you have no power to shut it off!

After many nights being deprived of sleep you finally find out who is actually causing the light to go on. You go to them, politely ask then plead with them to give you the ability to shut it off so you can sleep. You are denied – repeatedly. No one is going to help you, not even government officials with the power to do it. When you try to explain to others what this light is doing to you they scoff –  just shut your eyes they say.

Your health is declining. You try sleeping in another room but damn if another light hasn’t been installed there too! WTF? What the hell is happening?homephoto5

Welcome to the world of wind turbines filling homes with low-frequency noise, infrasound and cyclical noise.

The only difference – you can’t see it like you can see that goddamn light.