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OPPRESSION-noun-1.the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.

More than a decade of research by physicians and health professionals globally.

For more than a decade, physicians and health professionals have gathered indisputable evidence of serious adverse health impacts to people living in the vicinity of operating wind turbines and substations.(Not to mention the engineers and acousticians who have done the same.) It is heartbreaking that even small children and vulnerable citizens being harmed have been denied help.

“Dr. Robert McMurtry, preeminent orthopedic surgeon in Ontario, Canada, has devoted much of the past 13 years studying the topic of wind turbines’ effects on human health. Dr. McMurtry had held advisory positions to the Minister of Health for Canada and other public health arms of the Canadian government.”

Please see the following letter from Jerry Punch, Ph.D.

The only difference – you can’t see it like you can see that goddamn light.

It is difficult to explain how debilitating low-frequency noise, cyclical noise and infrasound are to anyone who has not experienced it.  One needs to understand how impaired ones health can become from sleep deprivation alone. A cascade of adverse health effects ensues, in conditions often described as torturous by those living with it.

Imagine you work all day and go to bed. Once under the covers a 600 watt light goes on over your head and stays on all night. You cannot shut it off. You have great difficulty getting to sleep. You toss and turn, you shut your eyes tight, try a night mask but nothing will block the light or the energy coming off that thing. After hours of fretting you finally drop into a light sleep by sheer exhaustion but it doesn’t last long. You are awake again, pulling the covers over your head, burying deep into the blankets but you can still see and feel the oppressive light. Morning arrives. It’s time to get up and go to work. You are totally exhausted and are worried about your driving skills but you head out. With a challenging work day done, you return home, eat your meal and fall into bed early from exhaustion, praying for sleep. You’re just starting to drift off and that goddamn light comes on again. You’re instantly angry and the frustration increases. You cannot believe you are being subjected to this light again. You can’t believe you have no power to shut it off!

After many nights being deprived of sleep you finally find out who is actually causing the light to go on. You go to them, politely ask then plead with them to give you the ability to shut it off so you can sleep. You are denied – repeatedly. No one is going to help you, not even government officials with the power to do it. When you try to explain to others what this light is doing to you they scoff –  just shut your eyes they say.

Your health is declining. You try sleeping in another room but damn if another light hasn’t been installed there too! WTF? What the hell is happening?homephoto5

Welcome to the world of wind turbines filling homes with low-frequency noise, infrasound and cyclical noise.

The only difference – you can’t see it like you can see that goddamn light.


8 years later, nothing has changed.


The following is a letter to the Standing Committee on the Green Energy and Economy Act in back in April, 2009. It could have been written a month ago. Clearly the “Economy” target of the Liberals Act took precedence over health and safety as billions have been funneled out of the tax coffers to the owners of these projects. Thousands of complaints have been suppressed. Untold number of families have been impacted. Most irreparably.

“The windmills started up at the end of November/early December 2008 and it was only after they started them up full time that we started having problems. They were so loud we could not sleep. It was aggravating and exhausting. The one closest to us is 456 metres behind us to the west and the next is just less than 700 metres to the east. We can hear them equally well and they cause terrible noise problems. We can see 11 easily from our house. The noise changes with the wind speed, blade direction and atmosphere. It changes from a loud whoosh whoosh cyclical noise to sounding like a jet going overhead that never passes and some nights like a huge outdoor washing machine. We have been through night after night without sleep and there is also a horrible underlying vibration/hum that we assumed may be from a low frequency noise that they have picked up on their numerous tests, but cannot find the source of. Some nights are absolutely maddening as it invades your body completely and makes your head feel thick like stew. There have been many, many nights I have ended up on our sofa with the TV turned up to try to drown it out, but you can still hear/ feel it. When you are trying to sleep it is coming up through the furniture and through the pillow, and ear plugs do not help. At some point this vibration has to affect the body. We have had many in our house who have heard this vibration/hum. When investigating, I always pull the main breaker switch to make sure that there is nothing electrical in our house that is causing it. You can hear it just as easily in the northeast corner of the basement where the panel box is, as you can in the southwest corner upstairs where our bedroom is. It is the worst at night, as everything is so quiet and there is no radio or TV etc. going, many nights absolutely unbearable.
Our dog has become very upset also. Her night habits changed completely at the same time that we started having problems. Many nights she goes out into the living room and whines and barks at nothing. She is not looking out a window or anything, she is just disturbed. I let her outside and then try to settle her down only to have it happen again. Some nights she will not step inside of the bedroom where she normally sleeps. I don’t know what she is experiencing but it is deeply disturbing.
Our health concerns are increasing over time. My husband is suffering tinnitus on a constant basis, mostly in his left ear. We are both suffering severe sleep deprivation and loss of energy and our cognitive and organizational skills are taking a beating. I lose my train of thought while speaking and cannot remember what it is I was speaking about. I have always been very organized in all areas of work and home duties and I find it hard to have the energy or desire to do anything anymore. This has ruined our nighttime relaxation as the moment we ready for bed we are not sure if we are actually going to be able to sleep or not, and frankly most nights, the answer is not. I am now experiencing muscle pain mostly in the legs and stomach aches and in the last week the tone of the humming has changed which has me experiencing ringing in the ears now.
We go to bed as early as 7PM some nights, and we try to catch an hour’s sleep here and there whenever we can. My husband is down 20 lbs from where he should be over the winter. Spring is here and I spend my day’s home trying to catch up on sleep instead of outside enjoying the break in the weather and raking our lawn. It is hard to function anymore and our family and social life suffers along with it. We are too tired, too physically exhausted. There is no enjoyment in our lives. Everything now is about wind turbines and lack of sleep and some days it takes everything I’ve got just to speak with people. This has completely consumed us. It has been horrible, and we feel very alone as most people do not understand that these wind turbines can cause such problems. I did not understand that there were any problems before we found ourselves in this situation. It is distressing to hear people say ‘You’ll get used to it’. Nobody can get used to this, nor should anyone have to live like this. To add to the insult, we are called NIMBYs, by our own Premier.
We have lived in our home for 4 years and it was to be our retirement home. Our home is brick all around and we have upgraded windows and doors throughout, so it is not like it is a thin-walled dated home. We are not and have never been anti-green or anti turbine for that matter but the fact is that these turbines are too close to our home. There is just no argument to that. We have really only been in this for 4 months, in the winter and all of our windows have been closed up tight. You can easily hear the turbines inside our home, inside our bedroom when we should be sleeping.
We had no issues when the turbines were going up, but we were a little nervous once they started building them when we saw the size of them and how close they were. Last summer and fall, at the same time they were building them, we put up a new fence for our dogs, a new deck on the back of the house and a double car garage with 2×6 framing and fully insulated. My husband has a 55 Chevy that he is working on restoring and this garage was a dream of his. We had no thoughts that we would be in any problem like this or we never would have spent that kind of money on home improvements.
There have been 4+ acoustical noise studies completed with monitoring equipment both outside, and inside our bedroom for 2 weeks on separate studies. They are now shutting down 5 turbines at night to mitigate the noise. During the day, when they turn 4 of the 5 on, they have reduced the RPM to keep down the noise they emit. They have also had the manufacturers of the turbines, involved in the testing but we have never seen any further results. We still have this horrible vibration/hum. There is no pattern as to when we get it. Sometimes it is mid day, sometimes night, sometimes both. This hum vibration is here as I type this at 4 in the morning. I can’t sleep.
The wind company acknowledges they have caused us a big problem and the noise study results show they exceeded limits of MOE guidelines for dBA noise. It is very disturbing that there are no set guidelines for low frequency noise, vibration or turbine noise inside the home. I have pleaded with the MOE to please try to shut down what is causing this vibration but I am told the only guidelines that they cover are dBA outside noise. What are we supposed to do? How do we find out what is causing this vibration if the MOE cannot help us? Why should the onus be on me, to find out what the problem is? I am not a professional in this industry and it appears the professionals have no idea what to do either. Instead we are left living in these conditions and we do not even have the option to move. Our house is worthless because we cannot sell it. Nor can we afford to walk from it and buy another place. How is one even supposed to renew a mortgage on their property if it’s worthless? This is a terribly distressing a position to be put in. How would each and every one of you feel if your government ignored your cries for help because they don’t have the ‘guidelines’ to help you? It is a disgrace, and Ms. Mitchell you are very well aware that my husband and I are not the only ones suffering. You have many families in your riding who have been suffering a lot longer than we have, and this government should be completely ashamed.
Throughout the complaint process, we felt isolated as we were repeatedly told we were the only complaint in the 2 phases. We found out differently as time went on. Over and over again, we heard from the MOE that everything was in compliance with their guidelines and that what was happening to us was acceptable, only to find out that was not correct. In fact, we were given erroneous information on what the MOE guidelines were. If we had not been persistent, we would be living in this forever and thinking it was just what we had to put up with. If this were my parents you were telling these things to, they would have believed you because they, like most people, trust what they are being told, especially by our government. My father was a hard worker who gave back to the community in volunteering his time in any way he could. Our parents both brought us up to work hard and help out where you can. We also were raised with a respect for politicians and the political system in our great country. He would be appalled if he could see today what this provincial government is doing to its citizens. You are forcing people from their homes and are not lending assistance to the problem in any way. No one from the government has stepped in to offer help. You should be ashamed. I have written many letters to Minister Gerretsen, Minister Smitherman and Premier McGuinty and they are not responding at all to our concerns. I have also written to many MPP’s, and municipalities, some of who support L and I and some who do not respond. Our MPP Sylvia Jones, is one of a few MPP’s, with a backbone to respond to our concerns. Our township council is also trying to help us. We are lucky because we all know that many experiencing problems have been completely ignored by their MPP’s and council.
This has to stop. Mr. McGuinty, it is unconscionable for you to continue down this road without addressing the problems these families are experiencing. There is no reason to have such a push on to get the Green Energy Act in place so fast, without addressing the residents that are having problems. I do not say everyone is having problems. I am sure there are some who are having no problems or are relatively lightly impacted, but even one family having a problem is one too many and must be given the help and attention to correct it. Our wind company continues its testing but still has no answers. Isn’t this alone a wake up call? The wind company cannot fix the problems so stop allowing these pieces of industrial machinery to be built near houses until every single problem is fixed. Quit ignoring us!
Some families have lost everything and are devastated, waiting for someone to help them. My husband and I are just one of very few who have openly been speaking out about it because we had to make a choice, and decided that with our home and property unsellable, we have nothing left to lose. What a sorry position for anyone to be put in.
Late last week we hired a professional to test our home for dirty electricity. It tested positive, and at a disturbing level, and now we need to confirm that is what is causing the humming, and where the electricity coming from. The most obvious place to start is the buried transmission cables that run up the side of our property. Why is it that we, the tax payer, who have hired you to look after our welfare, have to take the initiative and pay the money out of our pockets to investigate what is causing us distress from an industrial project this size, when it is fully supported by our government? You’re subsidizing wind energy, but you are leaving residents flailing in their polluted homes! There is something very wrong here.
Wind energy is simply not being handled properly. There are too many problems and should never be scattered throughout residences the way they are. I do not understand, if this government has to have these turbines, why you do not have the companies buy blocks of land and install a true farm of windmills, away from people. It would be far cheaper and you wouldn’t have the human health impact that is now coming forth. The vibration coming off of these turbines is also not to be taken lightly. You want to put them out in the water? Think about how the sound waves travel through water. You will kill everything aquatic with vibration in a slow torturous death. I wish the ‘decision makers’ would smarten up. It is self centered greed that allows things like this to take place. Please do not tell me there are no studies to qualify these very real health concerns. If there aren’t, then the onus is on you, every single one of you representing your ridings, to insist on a full blown health study. You have enough people with problems that you cannot continue to ignore it.
I am really tired and my thoughts are not flowing as well as they normally would, but this is the best I can do right now to try to make you understand what is going on out here.
Please. Do the right thing.







20+ Grey-Bruce families tried to get help

A number of years ago volunteer health facilitators in Grey-Bruce formed a support group (H.A.R.M.) for impacted families in wind turbine installations in their area. The massive amount of documentation from all areas of this province that has been delivered to the provincial and federal government is ignored, routinely deflected from one agency to another. The feds blame provincial leaders and the province blame the feds. It’s OK, we know the score. These families have braved immeasurable harm and disrespect that continues a decade later.  It’s a hard road for the impacted, or as one Ministry employee calls them, “unlucky receptors”.


“…Resident’s names have been changed for this summary, as these residents did not wish to come forward. Permission has been sought in order to share their health impact experience It is important to note that sharing personal health information about the effects of wind turbines upon oneself and one’s family is not easy for anyone to do publically, particularly when your government, the wind company and the media, maybe along with your doctor and your neighbours, are telling you there is no scientific evidence for what you are experiencing— that it can’t be true that wind turbines hurt people.”

“Both Donna and her husband have noted since the turbines started that there are electrical problems in their home (electrical pollution due to the transmission lines and substations required for the project).  Three times they have touched metal door knobs and been thrown backward and landed on the floor due to an electrical charge. They have witnessed bolts of electricity when turning on light switches. This never happened before.”

“Kim and Mark report that the noise level in their two-story home is very high and that sleeping is a problem. They also report that their home “vibrates”.  Kim has developed headaches, dizziness and light-headedness, and is going for her second MRI related to these symptoms. Their quiet country property, complete with night-time sounds of crickets, distant coyotes, and the chirping of many birds is now completely changed by indoor and outdoor noise, sleep deprivation, flicker, and disturbing health symptoms which did not exist before.” 

“Mike, a single individual who owns a small property in the Enbridge Project reports that an audible noise, “thump, thump, thump” can be heard at night when he is trying to sleep. He is able to get only 5 hours of sleep per night due to noise disturbance.  Over the course of the turbines coming into operation he has also developed headaches and tinnitus, stomach upset, decreased ability to tolerate chronic back pain, and a general state of unrest. He cannot have his windows open in summer months due to noise. Mike is retired and gets away from the turbines to other parts of the province to practice his photography. He has noted that his symptoms improve or disappear when he leaves his home for several days.”

“She has tried heavy curtains, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, sleeping with fans to create white noise, and has undergone medical testing, with no results. Christine has lost touch with the healthy person she used to be. When she travels abroad or leaves her home to visit family, her condition improves dramatically. After one hour at work, she reports her headaches go away.”


Court order for families forced from their homes due to noise from wind turbines

Can much more be said? Finally, after years of fighting for resolution, a breakthrough.

While the Canadian government continues on their hellbent (and hell it is) implementation of wind energy, other jursidictions are admitting to the folly and harm that wind projects have imposed on innocent families. Sadly, in many cases the damage to families, their homes and animals can never be restored or repaired. It has taken way too long.

From Ireland

“PRESS RELEASE 3rd January 2017
High Court order for families forced from homes due to noisy
wind turbines.

The High Court has issued its order regarding the seven
families from Cork who were impacted by noise pollution from a
nearby wind farm. A number of the families had to abandon their
homes because of the severity of the noise and some lived up to
a full 1km from the wind farm….”

see press release here: press-release-4th-january-2017-high-court-order-for-families-forced-from-homes-due-to-noisy-wind-turbines_

see a copy of the order here : order_dec_2016-1

wind over home

Stop this train of destruction. There is hope.

Sick and tired of hearing about the ongoing scandals in the province of Ontario? Are you asking what the hell can anyone even do about it?  This is for everyone. Kids, send it to your parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles. Parents,share it with your family and friends. Your job has been simplified. All you need to do is hit print, sign and send the letters to the recipients found on the BREACH OF TRUST LETTERS link. The other two links are the Auditors gas plant reports for your bedtime reading. We all work hard, we’re tired and we’re quickly losing our province. It’s time to put some personal effort in to make a change.

“…Recently a number of Ontarians have written to your office seeking assistance in regards to the sitting government’s “Breach of Trust”. With the statement of Kathleen Wynne, during the debates on June 3, 2014, of:
Approx. 2:02 minutes –
…I want to address the issue particularly of the relocation of the gas plants. The decisions around the relocation of the gas plants that were made were wrong. … there was public money that was wasted in those decisions and that shouldn’t have happened. And in the process the public good was sacrificed to partisan interests. … I know that people are still angry …because …there was a breach of trust between the government and the people of the province.5 – END 3:09
The duties of a Governor may be summed up in three heads: he must always act through advisers approved of by parliament; he must refrain from personal interference with the ministers in their direction of local affairs except to uphold the law or protect the people; and he must consent to all acts of government except in extreme cases.6…”

2013 AUDITOR REPORT oakville_en2013

AUDITOR REPORT mississaugapower_en

1 2016 all in one package BREACH OF TRUST LETTERS




Coincidence?…Why are officers of health being removed from their positions?

Seems that when brave acting medical officers of health talk to the people being impacted in industrial wind projects, relay information publicly and start to do something to investigate, they mysteriously change statements or leave their jobs. Considering the ministry of health will not talk with the suffering families, will anyone in a position of authority, with integrity and honesty ever be able to report on the truth without suffering life altering consequences?

This good doctor in Ontario had recently committed to investigating the harm in wind turbine operations in Huron County.

Here: Huron County Health Unit Investigating Wind Turbine Health Complaints

The Huron County Health Unit is launching an investigation into reported health effects from wind turbines.

This is in response to feedback from a number of Huron County residents reporting negative health impacts from living close to Industrial Wind Turbines.

East Huron resident Gerry Ryan was part of the group that made a presentation of health concerns to the Health Unit last week and he says they were well received by health officials.

“We presented 26 health impact statements, they ranged from sleeplessness to headaches to migraines, bloody noses, heart palpitations right across the board,” says Ryan.

The Health Unit investigation will happen in two phases, the first being the launch of an online survey in May to collect information on the number of complaints and/or concerns from residents.

Ryan and his colleagues are ecstatic that somebody is at least doing something to address the many concerns of numerous residents in Huron County.

“There absolutely is noise but there is also what’s known as infrasound.   Nobody, the Ontario Government, the wind industry is doing anything about the infrasound and they knew it was going to cause problems,” adds Ryan.

Infrasound is sound that is more often felt rather than heard.

Ryan notes that Phase 2 of the Health Unit investigation may involve actual acoustic testing both inside and outside of affected homes.

And then this blow:

Huron County Health Loses Medical Officer Of Health

The Huron County Health Unit no longer has a Medical Officer of Health.

Health Board Chair Tyler Hessel announced this morning the board has parted ways with Acting Medical Officer of Health Doctor Jan Owen. Owen was hired just over one year ago to replace Doctor Nancy Cameron.

Hessel says all of the programs run by the Health Unit will continue, and Perth County Medical Officer of Health Doctor Miriam Klassen has offered her assistance until there is a new Medical Officer of Health for Huron.

more here:

And in Wisconsin:

This officer of health was public about the problems people are experiencing and was very concerned. Read about it on this website.

“…Despite this admission, approximately one month later Ms. Xiong went on to make her declaration that“Currently there is insufficient scientific evidence-based research to support the relationship between wind turbines and health concerns.”   She then went further in saying that this was her “final decision” and that she would only monitor the situation “on an annual basis”.  In this decision she completely ignored the real world health impact of Duke Energy’s wind turbines on Brown County families as evidenced through their sworn affidavits and their documentation of past and continued suffering, not to mention her own repeated migraines when in proximity to Duke’s turbines.

So what has happened between Ms. Xiong’s declaration and the March 18th release of the open records showing that Brown County’s Health Officer Chua Xiong suffers migraines when she is by the Shirley Wind turbines?  On March 4th, Ms. Xiong submitted her resignation to County Executive Troy Streckenbach.  He did not share this with County department heads until just two days prior to March 18th, Ms. Xiong’s last day.  This date also coincides with Executive Streckenbach’s announcement of Brown County Corporation Counsel Juliana Ruenzel’s resignation….”



It Takes a Team

It takes a multi-layered team effort to pull off the wind turbine scam. Ongoing harm to human and animal health is one of the most repugnant aspects of this policy. Crucial messaging partnerships were formed between our provinical and federal governments aligned with industry, lobbys, ENGOs, professional affiliations and agencies such as public health. I know, I know, sounds like a conspiracy. Unfortunately for those on the receiving end, it pretty much is.

The following comment is what you will find on the Health Canada website as a conclusion to the 2+ million dollar study that the public has yet been able to scrutinize.

A blue highlighted box draws your eye to a quick summary of the study. Remember, the terminology/phrasing can be somewhat confusing for the layman.

The following were not found to be associated with WTN exposure:

  • self-reported sleep (e.g., general disturbance, use of sleep medication, diagnosed sleep disorders);
  • self-reported illnesses (e.g., dizziness, tinnitus, prevalence of frequent migraines and headaches) and chronic health conditions (e.g., heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes); and
  • self-reported perceived stress and quality of life.

While some individuals reported some of the health conditions above, the prevalence was not found to change in relation to WTN levels.

In the blue box further down you’ll find this acknowledgment of harm:

The following was found to be statistically associated with increasing levels of WTN:

  • annoyance towards several wind turbine features (i.e. noise, shadow flicker, blinking lights, vibrations, and visual impacts).

See that! There’s that word ‘annoyance’ again !!


This was a letter sent to the Health Canada Study Team reflecting on the consequences of their summary.

Date: Mon, Dec 29, 2014 at 9:05 AM
Subject: David Suzuki and Health Canada
To: Prime Minister Stephen Harper <>,, David Michaud <>,,,,, Allison Denning <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Cc:, “Jones-co, Sylvia” <>

This is one of the serious consequences when you issue confusing information, misinformation and public statements that the general public cannot possibly understand.
David Suzuki is larger than life for some folk, students and teachers who breathe in every word he mutters.
You have done a great disservice to the many innocent families who are being impacted by wind turbine projects in Canada.
This is shameful and your HC wind turbine summary should be pulled from your website and corrected immediately.
The ongoing physical and psychological damage being done to those suffering is immense.

Photo: Wind offers a healthy way to generate power

(Credit: Paul Vincent via Flickr)

By David Suzuki with contributions from David Suzuki Foundation’s Senior Editor Ian Hanington

There’s no free ride when it comes to generating energy. Even the cleanest sources have environmental consequences. Materials for all power-generating facilities have to be obtained and transported, and infrastructure must be built, maintained and eventually decommissioned. Wind turbines take up space and can harm wildlife. Hydro floods agricultural land and alters water cycles.

That’s why conservation is the best way to reduce energy-consumption impacts. Reductions in energy use and investment in energy-efficiency technologies are so significant that the International Energy Agency refers to conservation as the “first fuel”.

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No matter how good we get at conserving, though, we’ll always need energy, so we must find ways to employ the least damaging technologies and reduce negative effects. We know the world’s preferred, and currently cheapest, method to generate power — burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas — is the most destructive, causing pollution, global warming and massive environmental damage during extraction, transport, refining and use. And supplies are becoming more difficult to obtain and will eventually run out.

In contrast, wind power doesn’t create pollution or global warming emissions, is affordable and will never run out. Improvements to power-generation capacity, efficiency and affordability will continue to boost its importance in the energy mix. But we must ensure turbines are installed in locations and using methods that reduce negative impacts on humans and wildlife.

Thanks to ongoing research and testing, wind power has come a long way in a relatively short time. Wildlife behaviour studies, along with technological improvements, have significantly reduced harm to birds and bats, and better siting has reduced impacts on other wildlife and habitat. Wind power generation is far safer for birds, bats and other animals than burning fossil fuels.

But what about wind power’s effects on humans, a key argument used by opponents? Turbines, especially older ones, can be noisy, and some people find them unsightly — although I prefer the sight of wind farms to smokestacks and smog. Many problems can be addressed by locating quieter turbines far enough from human habitation to reduce impacts.

As for health effects, a recent comprehensive Health Canada study confirms previous research: Although people report being annoyed by wind turbines, there’s no measurable association between wind turbine noise and sleep disturbance and disorders, illnesses and chronic health conditions, or stress and quality-of-life issues. A 2013 Australian report concluded people living near wind installations where anti-wind campaigns were active were more likely to report health problems, suggesting some issues may be psychological. (Ah yes…blame it on the victim.Good one)

Health Canada says more research may be needed and we shouldn’t downplay the annoyance factor. Again, improvements in technology and proper siting will help overcome many problems. And there’s no doubt that fossil fuel development and use — from bitumen mining, deep-sea drilling, mountaintop removal and fracking to wasteful burning in single-user vehicles — are far more annoying and damaging to human health than wind power and other renewable-energy technologies.

Wind energy is also becoming more affordable and reliable. Denmark gets 34 per cent of its electricity from wind and Spain 21 per cent, making wind their largest electricity source. Portugal gets more than 20 per cent, Ireland 16 and Germany nine per cent. All have much higher population densities than Canada. Overall, wind power contributes about four per cent to worldwide electricity generation.

Improvements in grid and storage technologies also mean wind and other renewable technologies are increasingly feasible and desirable, especially as costs continue to drop. Investing in wind and other renewable energy is also good for jobs and the economy and can create greater stability in energy pricing than relying on volatile fossil fuel markets.

Total global investment in wind energy in 2012 was more than $80 billion, creating 670,000 jobs. According to a Blue Green Canada report, investing the $1.3 billion the oil industry gets in annual federal taxpayer subsidies in renewable energy and conservation could create 18,000 to 20,000 jobs, compared to fewer than 3,000 in oil and gas. And we can’t ignore the many related cost impacts of fossil fuel development, from health-care to infrastructure.

To reduce global greenhouse gas emissions at a pace and scale that experts agree is necessary to avoid increasing catastrophic effects of global warming, we need a mix of renewable energy. Wind power will play a large role.

Government of Ontario – Strategizing against YOU!

Back in 2010, the Ontario Liberal government hired Sussex Strategy to find a path through the increasing backlash from the Green Energy Act allowing rural residents to become collateral damage by (then) 500 foot tall wind turbines being erected way too close to family homes and farms.

This bright little paper was quite revealing. Have a swim through it and don’t be surprised that the government wanted to “confuse” you all along.

“•In this, it will be critical to “confuse”the issue in the political/public/media away from just price toinclude key value attributes such as jobs, clean air, farm income, etc. Renewables cannot be defined by price alone.”

“…Existing polling shows that jobs and investment are much more important drivers than health/environment. Also, shifting attitudes in the link between price escalation and renewables.”

Document heresussex_group_

Here is just the first page:

“A number of renewable energy developers have come together to form a lose coalition of interests, to promote renewable energy policy in Ontario and support the agenda set as part of the Green Energy and Economy Act and the Feed‐in‐Tariff program.
•This coalition will be joined by other groups, such as Environmental Defence and the GEA Alliance, as well as labour, economic development, health and environmental stakeholders, to develop common messaging, communications tools (ie. paid and earned media) and targeted local campaigns in areas where opposition to renewable power exists.
•The goal of this effort will be two‐fold:
1.Help support an expedited release of FIT contracts, including those associated with new Bruce‐Milton transmission capacity; and
2.Support the broader government plan for sustained contracting for wind and solar through the FIT Program, as part of the Supply Mix Directive and Long‐Term Energy Plan.
•As renewable energy is also anticipated to be a wedge issue in the election, with the PCs supporting a move away from renewables, this effort should consolidate industry and non‐industry stakeholders in rallying support for a continued focus on green power as important economic, social, and energy policy in Ontario.
•In this, it will be critical to “confuse”the issue in the political/public/media away from just price toinclude key value attributes such as jobs, clean air, farm income, etc. Renewables cannot be defined by price alone.”



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