Seems that when brave acting medical officers of health talk to the people being impacted in industrial wind projects, relay information publicly and start to do something to investigate, they mysteriously change statements or leave their jobs. Considering the ministry of health will not talk with the suffering families, will anyone in a position of authority, with integrity and honesty ever be able to report on the truth without suffering life altering consequences?

This good doctor in Ontario had recently committed to investigating the harm in wind turbine operations in Huron County.

Here: Huron County Health Unit Investigating Wind Turbine Health Complaints

The Huron County Health Unit is launching an investigation into reported health effects from wind turbines.

This is in response to feedback from a number of Huron County residents reporting negative health impacts from living close to Industrial Wind Turbines.

East Huron resident Gerry Ryan was part of the group that made a presentation of health concerns to the Health Unit last week and he says they were well received by health officials.

“We presented 26 health impact statements, they ranged from sleeplessness to headaches to migraines, bloody noses, heart palpitations right across the board,” says Ryan.

The Health Unit investigation will happen in two phases, the first being the launch of an online survey in May to collect information on the number of complaints and/or concerns from residents.

Ryan and his colleagues are ecstatic that somebody is at least doing something to address the many concerns of numerous residents in Huron County.

“There absolutely is noise but there is also what’s known as infrasound.   Nobody, the Ontario Government, the wind industry is doing anything about the infrasound and they knew it was going to cause problems,” adds Ryan.

Infrasound is sound that is more often felt rather than heard.

Ryan notes that Phase 2 of the Health Unit investigation may involve actual acoustic testing both inside and outside of affected homes.

And then this blow:

Huron County Health Loses Medical Officer Of Health

The Huron County Health Unit no longer has a Medical Officer of Health.

Health Board Chair Tyler Hessel announced this morning the board has parted ways with Acting Medical Officer of Health Doctor Jan Owen. Owen was hired just over one year ago to replace Doctor Nancy Cameron.

Hessel says all of the programs run by the Health Unit will continue, and Perth County Medical Officer of Health Doctor Miriam Klassen has offered her assistance until there is a new Medical Officer of Health for Huron.

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And in Wisconsin:

This officer of health was public about the problems people are experiencing and was very concerned. Read about it on this website.

“…Despite this admission, approximately one month later Ms. Xiong went on to make her declaration that“Currently there is insufficient scientific evidence-based research to support the relationship between wind turbines and health concerns.”   She then went further in saying that this was her “final decision” and that she would only monitor the situation “on an annual basis”.  In this decision she completely ignored the real world health impact of Duke Energy’s wind turbines on Brown County families as evidenced through their sworn affidavits and their documentation of past and continued suffering, not to mention her own repeated migraines when in proximity to Duke’s turbines.

So what has happened between Ms. Xiong’s declaration and the March 18th release of the open records showing that Brown County’s Health Officer Chua Xiong suffers migraines when she is by the Shirley Wind turbines?  On March 4th, Ms. Xiong submitted her resignation to County Executive Troy Streckenbach.  He did not share this with County department heads until just two days prior to March 18th, Ms. Xiong’s last day.  This date also coincides with Executive Streckenbach’s announcement of Brown County Corporation Counsel Juliana Ruenzel’s resignation….”