CANWEA KOW-WAL Infrasound-2

Ontario Ministry Of Environment – March – 2009

“We can’t avoid having the conversation, we just have to manage it properly…..I see things like low frequency noise a carefully navigated part of Wednesday’s agenda…”

The Ontario government was fully aware of complaints of health impacts, distress and home abandonment in wind turbine projects well before the Green Energy Act regulations were adopted in September 2009.

These internal documents reveal one ministry conversation about low frequency noise and health impacts. Clearly the interests of industry are of more concern to them than the residents suffering the impacts. The pages that follow the ministry documents are letters submitted to the government from the Canadian Wind Energy Association, an enormous lobby group in favour of industrial wind energy and from some very prominent wind developers requesting the Ontario government omit measuring and monitoring of infrasound/low frequency noise. The government followed industry direction. In 2015, the government still has no ministry or agency that will deal with measured and documented low frequency/infrasound emissions that continue to make people sick. To date, they refuse to meet with hundreds of impacted residents and continue to grant approvals for even more turbines.

I listened to a radio show recently and believe it or not, someone actually used the term hocus pocus when describing health impacts from turbines and wi fi. This public discrimination over the airwaves does not help those who continue to suffer. That rural children, seniors and their caretakers are treated like this is an ongoing tragedy.

This health impacts are real, well researched and documented and yet continues to be covered up by government, industry, unions and sadly the corporate media outlets that they sponsor.

David and Goliath indeed.