A private email from this year – 2015. The sender is a resident in one of the newer turbine projects that has started up in Ontario. The turbines surround their farm. People and animals continue to suffer. Pulsing energy, pummeling infrasound, loud audible noise and sleep deprivation is killer if you’re an “unlucky receptor” (term used by a government employee)

I have had a rough past week, and weekend. 

The turbines are killing my ears, burning, aches…
I find, when I go into my home, from being away, it hits me right away.
We have had five dead sheep since the turbines have started, and all have been found dead just inside the doors of the old bank barn.
We have had two beef cows now die, from prolapse of uterus.
The cattle are next door on adjoining farm.
…”elderly senior citizen” lives over there.(changed to protect identity)
That farm, as well as ours, is toxic.
I even reported every time, i left…to visit, i became unwell.
My kitchen I think is the worst spot in the house for me, for I spend most of my time in there.
Anyways..I just wanted to touch base with you.
All have been informed, and I look forward to my upcoming phone call with….on thursday morning.
Talk to you again,
I need to try and get on with the day now, I spent all of it till now on the phone, or computer.
I am trying, trying to get our rv moved….so at least we can spend time there then here in our home.