This internal document was penned by Ministry Provincial Officer Cameron Hall in April 2010. Sound levels today, continue to peak well over the Ministry set guideline of 40dBA which is acceptable to increase to 51 dBA if the wind speed picks up. There is no relief for those living amongst these towers. Years of measurements by both industry commissioned engineers and independent acousticians show audible noise levels are often way out of compliance. Regardless, the wind company executives are given a free pass. Like infrasound and dirty electricity, wind turbine noise heard inside the house is not regulated so Ministry Officers say they cannot address it, leaving families struggling with blatant and smothering discrimination as they suffer from lack of sleep. Calls to the Ministry and their Spills Action Line go unanswered for days. No wind turbine energy company, even with documentation of repeated noise level exceedences have ever been listed on the Ministry of Environment’s annual contamination reports where every other industry is outed (and often fined) for non compliance. Not one.

View document here. Hall Glassco 5pg

“Observations..(in Melancthon/Amaranth and in Clear Creek, Ontario)….indicate the sound contamination discharged into the natural environment from WTG’s (wind turbine generators) is directional. The directional nature of the sound contamination from WTG’s  is also reported in the scientific literature. EAAB (Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch, Ontario) was advised about our observations that the sound contamination was directional, but has not replied. It is not clear if the directional nature of the sound contamination discharged into the natural environment from WTG’s has been considered in the development of the setbacks…..As noted earlier, observations by several Provincial Officers indicate sound levels at the receptor in the range of 30 to 32 dBA would not cause or be likely to cause adverse effects in the opinion of the Provincial officers.”