This is a personal email received from a “refugee” in response to the meeting with Minister Bentley (see previous post

I post these communications to help people to understand that contrary to government statements this is real and their inaction to deal with it continues today. The frustration, anger and hurt is ever-present.

to: EBML
date: Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 10:35 PM
subject: Bentley meeting

Thank you for taking time to meet with Minister of the Environment Chris Bentley. I think it’s important that Chris understand how his actions are perceived by citizens.

We should be able to trust that our governments are committed to protecting public health. Instead we see our resources being used to deny and cover up the facts, and to strategize against us to put us into situations of despair.

I’m in the segment of the population that considers ourselves to be victims of our governments’ negligent wind turbine regulations. I am also part of a growing group of people who believe that Chris Bentley, Dalton McGuinty and others should be arrested, fined and jailed for their continuous, reckless behaviours.

Chris Bentley knows or ought to know that wind turbines are causing residents “material discomfort” and other adverse health effects, to the degree that people are abandoning their homes and living as refugees. Even Chris Bentley is capable of understanding that everyone, young and old, needs restorative sleep. And to be tortured with sleep deprivation is very unhealthy and will quickly turn into an emergency. It’s incomprehensible why our government is abandoning citizens in these times when we need them the most. And that instead, all the protection goes to those who are profiting by operating wind turbines too close to people’s homes.

Perhaps the reason Chris Bentley shows no remorse is because he knows it would appear disingenuous for him to apologize for something that he’s always intended to do? As a victim, this feels like crime.

If Minister Bentley is not willing to recognize the mistakes of this government, then he should resign and turn himself in.

Shame on you, Chris Bentley.