This interesting email from 2013 was regarding the distribution of a health impact survey by the U of Waterloo Research Chair (*funded by the Ontario government) into a turbine hot zone. To say the process was “flawed” is being kind.
“I checked with the ** post office today to see what process was.  They received the Surveys to be distributed as flyers.  I told them I did not get a copy in my mail, and I receive flyers they said a mistake must have been made, and that I should have got one.
A fellow that was in the store…said they were only distributing the surveys to people who wanted Wind Turbines.  Interesting comment from a person I did not know.
So from what I can understand everyone should have gotten a survey except people who have indicated to the post office that they do not want flyers.
How many people in this area want a survey but have “No Flyers” status, and thus would not get a Survey?
How many mistakes were made by the (post) office as is my case.
Where did all the surveys go?
I have talked to a lot of people that have not received this survey that are (suffering and known to writer).
Seems like a terribly flawed study from the get go.
I would be extremely interested to see from our email distribution list who did receive a survey and those that didn’t…”