Government bureaucrats, academics and environmentalists meet in their Toronto venues with urban audiences to discuss wind turbine issues in rural areas. Conversation about what is really going on with the health complaints of victims living in the projects is excluded and I sense, forbidden. Instead they suggest politics, community buy in, and making “smart” choices with “smart” initiatives will resolve the upset.

Excerpt from a private letter post meeting. The discussion was around the results of a provincial government funded study with results that found peoples health was being adversely impacted:

“….The fact is that this study shows results confirming harm happening in real time to hundreds of people in Ontario. These impacts have also been documented by years of victim testimony, thousands of complaints to the Ministry of Environment and also by stacks of supporting research by other professionals that have been in government’s hands for years now.

  The results were being presented at a small venue with an ‘expert’ panel and an audience discussing the situation without the benefit of having a person on their panel with firsthand knowledge.

It was evident they do not understand the serious nature of the impacts as the conversation revolved around the mistake of wind energy becoming too political and the need to garner community support  as if this would solve the problems that people suffering impacts are experiencing.

It was humiliating and it confirms what we have all been subjected to for years, a group of people that seem to think they know what is best for us but is not addressing the real problem whatsoever.

The first and obvious thing that should have happened upon realizing their results was an immediate shutdown of projects so people can at least get some sleep while further research is tackled. At the very least shut them down for a portion of the night and day so people, including shift workers, can at least get a solid 6 or 7 hours sleep minimum.

But actually addressing the problem is not an option with this government. No, with this policy it is more fitting to pretend the results are minor, with more study needed as if this is the first indication they have ever had that there is a problem.

Anyone in that room that day might have gone away thinking this is just a small problem with some rural people being stressed out about new wind turbine projects in their back yard.”