In December 2014, Premier Wynne was very publicly complaining that Prime Minister Harper would not meet with her. She gave media a copy of a letter she wrote to him and it seemed to work. They met in early 2015.


After years of being ignored on the very serious situation of Ontario families getting sick and being driven from their homes by turbine emissions and noticing her letter to Harper seemed to do the trick, this followup letter was penned in a similar tone. It was with the hope that she would finally meet with a long established and growing victims group but not even the courtesy of a reply was received (well other than an email response that acknowledged her office had received it)

February 9, 2015

Dear Premier Wynne,

Further to my many letters in the past 2 years and even longer to former Premier Dalton McGuinty, I am writing with an update.

I am concerned as you choose not reply to our requests for a meeting about wind turbine impacted residents. Over the past 6 years, we have also reached out to various ministers in your government on the specific issues I raised with you in my letters.

As vital as ministerial input might be, it is not a substitute for leadership and collaboration with both the people at the top and with the citizens you are empowered with protecting.  This appears to be a burden for you. For that reason once again, I am asking you to meet with us at your earliest opportunity to discuss these issues which are of great importance to the people of Ontario and their well-being.

As you may be aware we have never been granted the opportunity to meet in the many years we have been asking. That is too long considering some of our friends and neighbours have become ill and have been displaced from their homes due to flawed renewable energy policies enacted by you and your ministers. We should have an opportunity to discuss this in the spirit of collaboration and compassion, not confrontation and avoidance.

I sincerely hope that you can find time to meet as early as possible. In the meantime I hope you and your family are able to enjoy some beneficial leisure time this winter as I am sure you’ll agree, we all need some healthy R and R from time to time.

Unfortunately, due to the life changing impacts of industrial wind turbines, many families that I know no longer have the option.

I look forward to a reply.

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———- Forwarded message ———-

Date: Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 4:59 PM

Subject: Meeting requested

To: Kathleen Wynne <>

Cc:, “Jones-co, Sylvia” <>

Premier Wynne,

Please advise me on how I can get a meeting with you regarding the adverse health impacts many innocent Ontarians are suffering from industrial wind turbines situated far too close to their homes and causing sleep disturbance and deprivation, headaches, nausea and many other serious symptoms that started only after the wind turbines start operating.

Do I need to be a registered lobbyist to obtain a meeting with you?

Please note the paragraph below from a very concerned Sid Ryan, a man who obviously had message to deliver to you and he was granted a meeting.

I have a message of dire urgency also but far worse than fretting about a pension plan, it has to do with actual physical harm happening to children, teens, adults and senior citizens in rural Ontario from industrial wind turbine emissions. I am sure you would agree that this is high priority.

Please, let me know when we can meet. I know if you could only hear first hand what is happening to people you would take immediate action to resolve the issues.

I would appreciate not having to wait until the legislature reconvenes in October.

There are many suffering today who are trapped and need relief including some who have already had to abandon their homes. This is an urgent matter.

And please Premier, in advance, do not refer me to any “research” or “studies” being conducted by any agency or level of government. More than 5 years of “studies” have not helped even one soul who is being impacted.

Thank you,

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To deliver our message, I met with Premier Kathleen Wynne, Labour Minister Kevin Flynn and Associate Minister of Finance (Ontario Retirement Pension Plan) Mitzie Hunter. I let the government know that the OFL wants to see improvements to labour law to protect workers who want to unionize, as well as increases to corporate taxes to introduce fairness to the tax system. We also support the strongest possible Ontario Registered Pension Plan for all Ontarians, and expect it to be mandatory and to be compatible with the Canada Pension Plan. I also warned that we will oppose any plan to privatize government services, such as Hydro One or the LCBO.

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Date: Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 8:29 AM

Subject: UN Rights – Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

To: Prime Minister Stephen Harper <>, Kathleen Wynne <>,,

Cc: “Jones-co, Sylvia” <>,

Prime Minister, Premier and Ministers,

I have written to all of you many times and have provided you with first hand testimony of health impacts people are experiencing in wind turbine projects.

This information in this email is very important. Ms Corriea and her child need protection. This is an appalling situation.

While your children are protected just by virtue of where you reside, others in the province and country are being forced to live in emissions that are impairing their health and causing awful distress. People are being forced from their homes at great physical, emotional and financial cost. The most disgraceful part about it is we all know what is causing it and how to fix it.

I will be happy to provide additional information to assist you in processing information about the harm to families in wind turbine factories that is taking place in Ontario and Canada.

This inhumane and degrading treatment must end, and do not refer me to your Health Canada summary or Arlene King.

I do not need insult added to injury.

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(Original letter not attached)

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Date: Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 1:55 PM

Subject: Wind turbine impacts – Please acknowledge receipt of this email

To: Prime Minister/Premier ministre <>,

Cc: “Tilson, David – Riding 1” <>, “Jones, Sylvia” <>

Prime Minister Harper

Premier Wynne

I am sending you information below. This is first-hand testimony from a small number of people who are experiencing impaired health and degraded home environments in operating wind turbine projects in Ontario. Nobody expected these adverse events to happen in the beginning and most initially welcomed the notion of wind turbines as helping Ontario in a positive way.

Some of these families are now living away from their house, forced out because they can no longer live at home due to health impacts from emissions from the projects. Emissions include loud, cyclical noise, low frequency noise and vibration, infrasound and dirty electricity that were not affecting the homes prior to the start up of wind installations where they live.

It is impossible to know how many families have been impacted as this has been going on for at least 6 years. Some of these people are coping by sleeping elsewhere, sleeping in their basements (including unfinished cellars), sleeping in the center of the hall to get as far away from vibration as possible, sleeping with their head at the end of the bed, sleeping with a tv or oscillating fan on to try to drown out the pulsing sounds, spending their days at restaurants or libraries because to stay home is torturous; the coping tactics are quite varied. What is common is people reporting that when they are away from their homes their health improves and when they return the symptoms return. Impacted family members include small children, teenagers, young adults, mature adults and senior citizens. The problems are not limited by age, race, income or lifestyle.

Every person has a right to a restful and peaceful sleep environment in their own home.

Many of these families are literally trapped in their homes with nowhere to go and no support. They have no power to shut off the turbines or substations that are causing the problems.

This is a cruel and inhumane way to treat decent and honest people.

You both have the power to initiate immediate remedy for the people suffering impaired health caused by industrial wind facilities.

You also have the power to implement measures that will stop placing even more families at risk.

This problem has grown into something much bigger than it ever had to be. Red flags were raised many years ago and thousands of communications have been given to our elected officials and ministry staff.

People did not sign up for this. NO ONE gave consent to have their health and well-being impaired like this.

The people have contacted every possible agency and ministry for help and followed every protocol in place but no one is resolving the problems. I know you are well aware of the research that has been conducted delivering overwhelming evidence of harm to health being experienced by residents in wind turbine projects.

I am asking you to intervene today. These families need help. This policy and the regulations are obviously flawed and people are hurting. Even the Ministry of Environment field officers warned their superiors that people do not leave their homes for frivolous reasons and had tried to help them.

Prime Minister Harper and Premier Wynne, everyone knows what is happening.

The question is why aren’t you, our elected leaders doing anything about it?

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