May 2009, Ontario: Before the Green Energy Act was imposed

Communication from an Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) field officer when questioned by Amaranth township CAO on how measurements comply (with provincial government guidelines) even though they appear not to.

Here: Email Meeting with Council

A few months later at the August 2009 council meeting….Pages 12 – 14

Whats happening to ‘out of compliance’ reports? …Mr. Tomlinson agreed that clarity………noting that there seems to be an issue not only with whats being submitted, but with what’s being accepted by the EA (Environmental Assessments – Toronto) branch.

Mr. Wilker noted that the township did write the MOE regarding the noise reports and they confirmed compliance: therefore no recourse was available under Township agreements….Vibration has no jurisdiction (no ministry responsible) and further mitigation would have “financial implications” on the developer.

He agreed that the approvals branch of the MOE in Toronto was doing a disservice to the township, residents, and the Guelph MOE office by accepting reports in the current format…. The township can request that the reports be done accurately in accordance with the MOE standards, but they may still be in compliance.

Council transcript here: amaranthcouncil aug19th

The owners of this wind company carried on to build even more projects and are now operating under a different name.

Your Ontario government, at it’s finest.