Another Freedom of Information nugget – Wisconsin

It’s hard to explain how any wind turbine impacted resident might be feeling right now after this revelation. After years of being denied help, abandoning homes, being called liars, nimby’s, outliers and just too damn sensitive for their own good another Freedom of Information document shows how health impacts are being covered up. In this round from Wisconsin we find the Medical Officer of Health being impacted and STILL stating there are no problems. Bit by disgraceful bit this story is proving itself while day after day people are left living in distressing home environments and continue to be harmed. Unbelievable

Yes Virginia, there really is a government/industry conspiracy to keep sucking billions in subsidies, damn the injured. (Reminds me of the day John Bennett, President of the Sierra Club of Canada, was in a small municpal office close by, pushing to have them approve wind turbines. When asked by a local resident to comment on the increasing reports of illness by neighbouring residents in existing turbine projects, he replied that the families were insignificant. Thanks John.)

A small excerpt from an email from C. Xiong

“Carolyn the times I have been out there by the Wind Turbines, l get such migraine headaches. I think I should take some preventative Tylenol before I head out there.”

Read the entire history here:

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