“My Name Is Tracy” (Ontario)

“….My name is Tracy.  I know your situation all to well.

My home sits empty in Clear Creek, Ontario.  My life of hell started in the fall of 2008.

Yesterday was a very bad day for us.  Spirits are very low.  My son and I had a discussion just last night.  We talked about people and money; people not caring about others; the humiliation we have felt; the fight that is ahead of us; the scars that will be with us for the rest of our lives.  Like yourself, my government and the wind companies have destroyed my life.  They almost killed me.  I am not out of the woods yet.

I went to my home today—my home where I cannot live.  I still have some of my things there, where I had left them.  I walked the property, looking at the trees I had planted over the years; looking back at a life that no longer exists, or ever will.  It was very sad.  I drove around the township, again surprised at yet another new real estate listing and even more vacated houses.

Approximately one in three houses are empty.  Two of the vacant homes were homes of young families with children.  I was glad they were able to leave.  Others have left; a few have passed on (died).  I consider myself fortunate that my son had the sense to get us out of there.  Today I tolerated half an hour of exposure to low frequencies.  When I left, I had started to become lethargic.  I was dizzy, nauseous.  My head hurt.  I felt such pressure….”